HTML is the foundation for all web development. It required knowledge for all the CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySql courses we offer. HTML is used to define the structure and content of web pages and is suprisingly easy to learn.

Yuleblinker HTML courses emphasise learning 'standards-based', well-formed and valid HTML. HTML 5 is taught on all the courses ensuring your knowledge is up-to-date and uses contemporary best practices in web design and development.


CSS gives style to the presentation of your web pages. You use CSS to add layout, colours, fonts, backgrounds and simple rollover effects. Correct use of CSS is all about keeping the presentation separate from the structure and content of the page.

Yuleblinker CSS courses feature contemporary best practice for web page design making use of CSS3. Our CSS courses are suitable for beginners and those who want to up date their skills.

Javascript adds interactivty to your web pages. It is now the standard programming language for web page scripts. Whether you want to validate forms client-side, respond to button clicks, add animations or create apps, Javascript is what you need to learn.

Yuleblinker javascript courses are for those who really want to learn the language. As well as featuring what pupils need for National 5, Higher and Advanced higher our courses are about developing your skills as programmers.


PHP is the most commonly used server-side programming language. Used to create dynamic and database-driven web pages, sites and applications. Our PHP courses are for those who plan to teach server-side scritping and for those who need an understaning of what it is, what it can do and how its used.

Whether you want to learn about creating dynamic content, form validation or go on to use MySQL databases, PHP programming is an essential skill.

MySQL is one of the most commonly used database management systems behind many of the worlds largest web sites. Understaning MySQL queries and being able to write your own means you can begin to create your own dynamic web sites and also better understand how pre-existing content management systems work.

Yuleblinker MySQL courses cover the use of up-to-date PHP code to interact with databases and present the results. A great topic for those who need to build their skills as well as for those who want a better understanding of database-driven, dynamic web development.

Python is a powerful, clean and easy to learn programming language that is fast becoming the favourite of pupils and teachers alike. Whether you want to learn/teach simple routines or complex object-oriented programming Python is an excellent choice.

Our Python courses aim to develop your programming skills in Python 3 to allow you to effectively and confidently deliver National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. Concentrate on learning programming – not learning software to write programs!

Digital images and video are essential in education and have many uses. Creating and manipulating digital images and video is a required topic in many subject areas but is also invaluable as a teaching and learning tool in all subjects and across many activities within schools.

Yuleblinker Digital Image Media creating and manipulation courses focus on the essential skills needed to be comfortable to use the software effectively. By using a variety of project examples the courses will also cover many aspects of digital media creation and manipulation required in a variety of Curriculum for Excellence subjects and levels.

3D Printing is the process of taking an idea of a shape, form or part, creating a model of it on a computer and then using a 3D printer to make it physical - something you can pick up, touch, handle or use. 3D printing has many exciting uses in education and can enliven the teaching and learning of any topic.

Yuleblinker 3D Printing courses are practical, detailed and are designed to develop your skills in planning, modelling, printing and troubleshooting 3D Prints and also introduce you to the varied novel and intereseting uses of 3D printing in education.