HTML Level 1 for South Lanarkshire Computing Science teachers

Date: Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014

Start: 9:30 am   End: 3:30 pm

Location: Hamilton
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Cost: £0
(Per person. Includes tea/coffee and lunch)

Creating web pages and web sites can feature at all levels of the curriculum and are a fun and engaging way of bringing together many topics - graphics, image processing, navigation design, multimedia etc.

When it comes to National 4, National 5 and the new Higher Computing science courses there is a greater emphasis and some requirement for pupils to produce and edit simple html code.

This one day introductory course is for those with no prior knowledge of HTML or those who feel they need a refresher and up-date

The emphasis of this course is to develop real competence in hand-coding, reading and editing HTML code. It is important to undertand and use contemporary, up-to-date, standards-based and valid HTML coding as a foundation for all other web development tasks. This course will introduce you to HTML5 and how to create well-formed, valid pages and sites to meet the requirements of National 5 Computing Science and beyond.

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We would like you to book a place on an appropriate course for your knowledge and skill level. Many Yuleblinker courses are part of a topic progression and will assume some prior knowledge.

Please make sure you read the full course descriptor, in particular the What you need to know section. Click the following link to view the full course descriptor:
HTML Level 1 for Computing Science teachers

Content summary

Below is an overview of the topics covered in the course.

  • HTML
  • Software choices
  • Approaches to teaching HTML
  • Working environments
  • Structural and Semantic markup
  • HTML Tags
  • Writing and editing code
  • Viewing code
  • Files and Folders
  • Web site structure
  • Using Images
  • Hyperlinks
  • Creating simple web sites
  • Online tutorial, reference, support materials

A more detailed list of course content can be found here: View detailed course content


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Location and Venue details

Townhill Primary School
Melfort Road