Yuleblinker offers a range of courses for Computer Science teachers. Below is a list of current course titles. Click on any course title to view a detailed description of the course.

Course title Description Topic area
Javascript Level 1 for Computing Science teachers

Javascript is the coding language that brings interactivity to web pages. This course will introduce Javascript, what it is, how it's used and how to write simple scripts.

You can introduce the use of Javascript at any age but when it comes to National 4, National 5 and the new Higher Computing science courses there is a greater emphasis and some requirement for pupils to produce and edit simple javascript code.

This course is an excellent starting point for teachers new to Javascript or for those wanting to brush up on their skills.

Javascript Level 2 for Computing Science Teachers

Javascript is used in many ways. Client-side form validation, supporting responsive web page design, applications, controlling video and audio…this list goes on. To do any of these things means getting to grips with more advanced Javascript techniques and topics.

This course follows on from the Yuleblinker Javascript Level 1 course and is aimed at those who have attended the Level 1 course or who are confident and competent in coding basic Javascript.

The topics and examples covered on this course will be of particular interest to those teaching National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Computing science but they are also relevant for teachers who want a better understanding of and skills in Javascript to support pupils at all levels. The emphasis of this course is to develop real competence in hand-coding, reading and writing more complex Javascript code and to become familiar with the ways Javascript is used in contemporary web pages and sites.