Yuleblinker offers a range of courses for Computer Science teachers. Below is a list of current course titles. Click on any course title to view a detailed description of the course.

Course title Description Topic area
CSS Level 1 for Computing Science Teachers

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is how you add visual appeal to web pages. You create CSS rules to control fonts, margins, backgrounds, layout and all other visual aspects of web page.

The structure and content of web pages is created using HTML code. CSS is used to control what the page and contents look like. When it comes to National 4, National 5 and the new Higher Computing science courses there is a greater emphasis and some requirement for pupils to produce and edit simple html code. Adding CSS to that code will bring the pages to life.

CSS Level 2 for Comptuing Science Teachers

Creating responsive web pages, styling forms and tables and creating interesting and effective layouts requires a detailed knowledge of some tricky CSS features and techniques.

Certain CSS concepts and techniques can be a little tricky to understand let alone teach. Responsive web pages, pseudo selectors, descendent selectors, box models and positioning can all be challenging even for experienced web designers. This one day course will give you a firm foundation in these intermediate CSS topics and set you up to be more confident in explaining and teaching them.

This course follows on from the Yuleblinker CSS Level 1 course and is aimed at those who have attended the Level 1 course or who are confident and competent in coding basic CSS.

The emphasis of this course is to develop real competence in hand-coding, reading and editing CSS code to create contemporary, up-to-date and responsive web pages.

This course is suitable for those teaching Computing Science courses at all levels but will be of particular interest to those supporting pupils at Higher and Advanced Higher as it will specifically address topics included in certain SQA assessments.