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3D Printing in Education - a practical introduction

3D printing is now an established and affordable technology and is finding its way into many schools and classrooms. Many forward-thinking, innovative and pioneering teachers have realised the power of 3D printing in the teaching and learning of many subject areas.

Creating 3D models in software and then using 3D printing to allow pupils to actually hold a physical version of the model in their hand has obvious benefits in Design and Technical courses. But 3D printing can also be a powerful tool in teaching and learning mathematics, computing science, sciences, art and design, geography, history… the list goes on. 3D printing can be used to enrich, enliven and add fun to many curricular topics at all levels from Early Years, through Primary and Secondary.

This one day course will introduce you to the process of creating simple 3D models on a computer, setting up a 3D printer, preparing a model for printing, printing and will include tips and tricks for finishing prints and troubleshooting. Various ideas for using 3D printing in the classroom and subject areas will be featured and discussed.

This is a hands-on course and will emphasise developing your practical skills in 3D modelling and using a 3D printer. It is ideal for those with no experience of 3D printing who want to explore the possibilities of its use in the classroom or those with a little experience of 3D printing who want to build their confidence and share ideas for using 3D printing in teaching and learning. If you already have a 3D printer or are considering buying one then this course will be invaluable.

All software, printers, filament and tools are provided.

3D Printing