Introduction to Serif PhotoPlus

Digital image creation and manipulation can be used to enhance and support the teaching and learning of practically every topic at all levels of education. There are opportunities and/or requirements to create and use digital images in the Experiences and Outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence all the way through from Early to Fourth level. Certain curricular subjects such as Art and Design, Graphic Communications and Computing Science explicitly include the creation and manipulation of digital images.

Serif PhotoPlus is a powerful, yet easy to use, industry-standard application preferred by many schools. With PhotoPlus you have all the tools you need to teach and learn digital imaging. Those same tools can also be used across the school to create posters, newsletters, animations, year books, teaching materials… the list goes on.

This one day course will introduce you to the Serif PhotoPlus interface and tools, and will show you how to complete some basic edits of digital photographs and other creative projects. No knowledge of digital image manipulation is needed.

Free software!

All those attending Yuleblinker Serif PhotoPlus courses will be entitled to a free PhotoPlus licence for home use courtesy of Serif.

Course aims

To develop teachers' knowledge, practical skills and confidence in creating and manipulating digital images and photographs with Serif PhotoPlus

To provide an opportunity for teachers to explore, discuss and practice using digital images in the classroom and various subject areas

Who this course is for

This course is ideal for you if…

  • You are an Early Years, Primary or Secondary teacher who wants to learn how to create and manipulate digital images and process photographs on the computer
  • You are keen to explore the creative use if images for teaching and learning
  • You are an Art and Design, Graphic Communications, Computing Science teacher and need to develop your confidence with digital images and image manipulation software to teach your subject
  • You have had some previous experience of other digital image software and want to get up to speed quickly with Serif PhotoPlus

What you need to know

This is an introductory course and requires no prior knowledge or skills with digital image creation or manipulation software.

Basic skills with the computer are needed – using the keyboard, moving and pointing the mouse.

If you can move, point and click a mouse, find a few keys on the keyboard and are willing to have some fun working with digital images then this course is for you.

Knowledge and skills needed to undertake this course

This course is an introductory course and does not require and previous knowledge

Come along and start your journey in Digital Media here

Content summary

Below is an overview of the topics covered in this course

  • Serif PhotoPlus Workspace
  • Image navigation
  • Basic image manipulation workflow
  • Cropping
  • Rotating
  • Resizing
  • Making selections
  • Basic image adjustments
  • Creative tools and techniques
  • Layers
  • Exporting

Course content in detail

  • Serif PhotoPlus Workspace
    • Launching PhotoPlus
    • Getting to know the Workspace
    • Taking control of the Workspace
    • Basic customisation of the Workspace
    • Menus
    • Screen areas
    • Tabs
    • Opening images
  • Image Navigation
    • Panning
    • Zooming
    • Views
  • Basic image manipulation workflow
    • Open, review, crop, rotate, resize, adjust, export
  • Cropping
    • For aesthetic reasons
    • For technical reasons
  • Rotating
  • Resizing
    • Setting image sizes appropriate for their use – web, presentations, posters, decals, movies, print
    • Resolution
    • Resizing for screen
    • Resizing for print
  • Making selections
    • Tools and techniques for making regular and irregular selections
    • Adding to and taking away from selections
    • Partial selections
  • Basic image adjustments
    • Colour adjustment
    • Brightness/Contrast adjustment
    • Creative adjustments
    • Basic removal of unwanted elements or blemishes
  • Creative tools and techniques
    • Painting and drawing tools
    • Filters and effects
  • Layers
    • What they are, their importance and how to use them
    • Navigating layers
    • Creating layers
    • Using layers
  • Exporting
    • File formats
    • Export settings for different uses - web, presentations, posters, decals, movies, print