Introduction to Digital Video Editing with Serif MoviePlus

Digital video can be used to enhance and support the learning of practically every topic at all levels of education. Videos can not only be used as a teaching resource but as a medium for pupils to express themselves and record work and events. Being able to edit video opens up whole new opportunities. From simply preparing short video clips for upload to the web or use in a presentation to full-blown movies with plots, soundtracks and even special effects.

Serif MoviePlus is a powerful, yet easy to use digital video editing application preferred by many schools. With is unlimited tracks, many effects and filters and the ability to animate practically any element of the movie, MoviePlus will not put a limit on your creativity.

This one day course will introduce you to the process of digital video editing with Serif MoviePlus, to the workspace and tools used and will also include some tips and tricks for planning and shooting better video. No prior knowledge of digital video editing is needed.

Free software! All those attending Yuleblinker Serif MoviePlus courses will be entitled to a free MoviePlus licence for home use courtesy of Serif.

Course aims

To develop teachers' knowledge of, practical skills and confidence in editing digital video with Serif MoviePlus

To provide an opportunity for teachers to explore and discuss using digital video in the classroom and various subject areas

Who this course is for

This course is for you if…

  • You are an Early Years, Primary or Secondary teacher who wants to learn how to edit digital video on the computer
  • You are a Design and Technical teacher and want to learn digital video editing to cover areas of the Graphic Communication courses
  • You have had some previous experience of digital video editing and want to get up to speed quickly with Serif MoviePlus
  • You have had no prior experience of digital video editing and you want to quickly learn the basics

What you need to know

This is an introductory course and requires no prior knowledge or skills with digital video editing or video editing software.

Basic skills with the computer are needed – using the keyboard, moving and pointing the mouse

If you can move, point and click a mouse, find a few keys on the keyboard and are willing to have some fun working with digital video then this course is for you.

Knowledge and skills needed to undertake this course

This course is an introductory course and does not require and previous knowledge

Come along and start your journey in Digital Media here

Content summary

Below is an overview of the topics covered in this course

  • Serif MoviePlus workspace
  • Setting up movie projects
  • Importing video, audio and stills
  • Navigating video clips
  • Trim Window edits
  • Trimming video to length
  • The Timeline
  • Editing and sequencing on the Timeline
  • Transitions
  • Titles
  • Effects
  • Exporting movies
  • Shooting better video

Course content in detail

  • Serif MoviePlus Workspace
    • Launching MoviePlus
    • Getting to know the Workspace
    • Taking control of the Workspace
    • Basic customisation of the Workspace
    • Menus, screen areas, tabs
  • Setting up movie projects
    • Frame size
    • Frame rate
  • Importing video, audio and stills               
    • Using the Media pane
    • Importing
    • Views of imported media assets
    • Troubleshooting codecs
  • Navigating video clips
    • Playback
    • Scrubbing
    • Zooming
  • Trim Window edits
    • Launching the Trim Window
    • Setting start and end points
    • Multi-clip trimming
  • The Timeline
    • Features of the Timeline
    • Tracks and track headers
    • Navigating the Timeline
    • Tools and techniques of the Timeline
  • Editing and sequencing on the Timeline
    • Adding video, audio and stills to the Timeline
    • Moving clips around the timeline and from track to track
    • Ordering clips on the timeline
    • Timeline editing techniques
  • Transitions
    • Setting up clip overlaps for transitions
    • Adding, changing and removing transitions
    • When and when not to use transitions
  • Titles
    • Adding basic titles including text and graphical elements
    • Animating titles and credits
    • Creative use of titles
  • Effects
    • Adding, changing and removing video and audio effects
  • Exporting movies
    • Choosing appropriate export movie settings
    • Choosing appropriate file formats and codecs
    • Exporting to file
  • Shooting better video
    • Tips and tricks on planning and storyboarding video shoots
    • Tips and tricks on shooting video clips to make editing easier